Astroglial Resting Calcium Controls the Scale of Calcium Signals

Astroglia can encode their activity by the generation of Ca2+ signals, which then trigger or modify various functions of the cell. The signalling pathways that generate Ca2+ signals have been explored in detail. However, what controls their amplitude and waveform remains poorly understood. Using an array of optical methods in vitro and in vivo, we, i.e., Claire King, Kirsten Bohmbach and further colleagues have explored how the resting Ca2+ concentration controls these signals. We consistently find that peak and amplitude of Ca2+ signals display an opposite dependence on the resting Ca2+: a previously unrecognized basic rule underlying Ca2+ signalling in astroglial. The study has been published in Cell Report.

King CM, Bohmbach K, Minge D, Delekate A, Zheng K, Reynolds J, Rakers C, Zeug A, Petzold GC, Rusakov DA, Henneberger C (2020) Local Resting Ca2+ Controls the Scale of Astroglial Ca2+ Signals. Cell Rep. 30(10):3466-3477 (link, open access)

For a more in-depth discussion of astrocytic Ca2+ signalling please see our recent review.

Semyanov A, Henneberger C, Agarwal A (2020) Making sense of astrocytic calcium signals — from acquisition to interpretation. Nat. Rev. Neurosci. 21(10):551–564. (link)