Who we are

Our research group is part of the Institute of Cellular Neurosciences at the University of Bonn Medical School (UKB).  We are members of the Bonn Center for Neuroscience and the international graduate school BIGS Neuroscience.

Current group members

Dial +49 (0) 228 287 and the extension listed below.

  • Christian Henneberger (PI), -16304, christian.henneberger (at) uni-bonn.de
  • Alberto Pauletti (PhD student), -14570 (office), -19178 (lab), alberto.pauletti (at) ukbonn.de
  • Anne Boehlen (postdoc, part-time), -15969 (office), -19178 (lab), aboehlen (at) uni-bonn.de
  • Björn Breithausen (PhD student), -14570 (office), -19178 (lab), b.breithausen (at) uni-bonn.de
  • Catia Domingos (PhD student), -14570 (office), -19178 (lab), catia.domingos (at) ukbonn.de
  • Daniel Minge (postdoc), -14570 (office), -19178 (lab), daniel.minge (at) ukbonn.de
  • Katharina Hill (MD student), -14570 (office), -19178 (lab), s4kahill (at) uni-bonn.de
  • Kirsten Bohmbach (PhD student), -14570 (office), -19178 (lab), kirsten.bohmbach (at) ukbonn.de
  • Petr Unichenko (postdoc), -14570 (office), -19178 (lab), unichenk (at) uni-mainz.de

From left to right: Michel Herde, Andreas Wulff, Alberto Pauletti, Catia Domingos, Christian Henneberger, Stefanie Anders, Kirsten Bohmbach, Daniel Minge, Björn Breithausen (Autumn 2017)


(for old group pictures see below)

Past group members and students

  • Andreas Wulff (MSc. in 2017)
  • Stefanie Anders (PhD in 2017)
  • Michel Herde (Postdoc)
  • Steffen Kautzmann (MSc. intern)
  • Claire King (PhD in 2016)
  • Eva Maria Schönhense (MSc. in 2015)
  • Alistair Jennings (PhD in 2015)
  • Johanna Radziejewski (MSc. intern)

Old group pictures

This was us in 2015. From left to right Daniel Minge, Christian Henneberger, Anne Boehlen, Michel Herde, Kirsten Bohmbach, Stefanie Anders, Björn Breithausen, Eva-Maria Schönhense and Claire King.Group picture 2015

 This was us in 2014. From left to right: Daniel, Christian, Michel, Kirsten and Steffi.